We are a non-profit Corporation dedicated to promoting gold prospecting through education, and practice along with good fellowship. Presently we have over 200 active Members in eleven states, though the majority resides throughout California.

At the present time we own 11 mining claims totaling hundred of acres. These claims are both wet and dry. We provide a place for Members to meet, prospect, metal detect and have fun!! The OC 49er’s hold a monthly meeting and a monthly Outing. We publish a monthly newsletter called the “Golden Aura”

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The Orange County 49er’s, Inc. is a non-profit §503-C corporation formed in 1983. Its purpose is to educate Members in the various techniques of gold prospecting, to protect the rights given under the Mining laws of 1872 and to provide enjoyment and fellowship among its Members in the pursuit of gold prospecting.

Our Membership ranges from those “just beginning” to the “very experienced”, and includes many Members who just enjoy the great outdoors. 

We hold our monthly Outings generally on the last full weekend of the month.  These Outings will be held on one of our claims and is dependent upon the season and weather conditions.  These Outing are fun for the individual or the entire family.  We hold two large Outings, one in May and the other in October.  These Outings will include a potluck, raffle, and other related activities. 

Our Members believe that it is much more rewarding to prospect with a group, as you can enjoy camaraderie of other Members and learn and benefit from the more experienced prospectors. Our gold claims are reserved for the Members and are not used by thousands of people each year.  Gold prospecting activities include panning, sluicing, dry-washing, metal detecting and dredging (when allowed).

As a Member you will receive our monthly newsletter, the Golden Aura.  This will keep you informed about the club, our future and past activities.  This is a good way for those who reside out of the area and do not attend the monthly meetings to stay in touch with the Club and keep current.

We hold our month meeting on the third Tuesday of each month.  These meetings will keep you informed as to our activities and any current topics that may be relevant to our Membership.  We will usually have a speaker to further educate us on a topic of general interest, or a demonstration of the latest equipment.  Our meetings end with a raffle and a chance to win some gold.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month:

At 7:30 PM
The Woman’s Club of Garden Grove
9501 Chapman Ave
Garden Grove, California

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Membership Application

Nom Members can attend one meeting and one outing prior to joining the Club.   At the present time our annual dues is $60 per year, with a one-time initiation fee of $60, or $110 for a new Membership.

We hope to see you at our next meeting or at one of our Outings.

Happy prospecting